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Default bad drivers..........

2 recent stories in one day!

went from dunfermline back road to kelty and almost had a head on as a volvo estate driver thought it would be wise to overtake a lorry carrying a caterpillar digger ....... the bike must had made some tyre mark and i was seconds from being wiped out ... needless to say the oncoming driver go it tight as i composed the bikes balnce just in time to show them how i felt! - plus the lorry driver didnt half back me up as i heard him sound his horn and flash the lights at the volvo when it got in front....

On the way back through west wemyss i was going through one of these let oncoming traffic through calming measures and noticed the bronze ka in front always want to tear off a bit in front of me and i knew 'she' was thinking from the off 'if that bike thinks it will over-take me it can think again' - so i took my time and as soon as i hit a straight i indicated, looked over my shoulder and overtook - to my amazement as soon as i was right beside her she slammed down her accelarator and closed the gap rapidly to the car in front trying to stop me! -
i was bricking it as i knew the more i was forced to beat her the more i would have to slow down to settle into a fast becoming small gap and i had past the point of no return as i knew she would slow down the minute i tried to go back behind her ........
so she was right up my tail a lot and i could see she was fuming all the way behind me until kircaldy front promenade but i was obseving all the speed limits and using all the signals like a good biker should noticing she was cutting lanes and and ford had forgotten to fit indicators on her version of her ka that year!
so i get to the first set of lights after dysart and swooped into the right hand lane to see if she would do the same .......... yup she did, so im sitting there at the light looking in my mirrors only to see her wind down her window and just about to give me abuse! ........ plenty of people waiting to cross, so i put up my visor and look round and hold my hand up in a 'speak to the hand' style and saif 'f#ck off' twice then shout at the top of my voice 'it's drivers like you that kill bikers' - then lights change, i do my safety look and observe the speed limit and cruise down the road
noticing this time that the indicators work on the ka this time! - although she seems to be going the same way i am for quite a few miles ........
A few miles down the road i cut off in a different direction knowing she's watching me and all i can do is shake my head!.

The scary thing is it's not out the ordinary for most of us to experience this and when you hear and read the scare stories about riders having mishaps i'm sure that the cause of a few of them is not rider error but 'other' driver mis-judgement
and only proves that something must be done about more about bike awareness for everyone on the road.

I took me ages to shake of the shock of these two incidents i can tell you.

btw, sorry i have not been about on the rideout's etc. but i hope you lot have had a safer time than me, i have been working on my cornering this year and next on the list is pillions! gulp!
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they are all mad in kirkcaldy lol

sorry you have these near misses but at least no physical damage.

pillion is easy provided they are small and light
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It's just the standard ignorance that you just need to look out for from many car drivers
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Yep, ignorant! Just let them go past and don't get wound up. On two wheels you may have more speed but if the road runs out and it comes to blows, you'll loose the fight!
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