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Default Carby only running on front cylinder!!

Hi guys,

Haven't been here for a while and was wondering if anyone had any advice or tips....

So my road bike has give me some issues since the weather has turnt freezing!!

In the summer she ran fine but had an issue with the revs hanging around 2.5-3k when idling at traffic lights mainly when warmed up but it never caused me much trouble just drank more fuel.

Now she struggles to start, only runs on the front cylinder, pops and bangs into life on 2 sometimes.

So the front headers get very hot which indicates all is well but on the rear the headers barely get warm.

I've tested the rear plug and it is getting a spark albeit not very strong. So i changed the coil for another one i had and i'm getting the same issue which i find very strange.

I have a friend round on saturday who knows these bikes like the back of his hand so im hoping he can sort it but I was just wondering does anyone else have any tips also?


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Default Re: Carby only running on front cylinder!!

Sounds more like a fuel problem, gunked up jets in the rear carb. Revs hanging can be caused by weak mixture, i.e. partially blocked jets or leaking carb rubbers.
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Default Re: Carby only running on front cylinder!!

New plugs would be a good start I'd say.
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Default Re: Carby only running on front cylinder!!

Check the resistance of the Spark Plug cap.It should be 5K ohms?

Slap half a bottle of RedX in the tank and fill up and go for a blast.Can sometimes work wonders.Asda are doing 3 bottles for 8.99.
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