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Default Re: SVBMX Build Thread

Yeah its a bit out there! Its quite an aggressive riding position but i was trying to replicate that of a velodrome track bike. Despite this its actually a really nice ride. The bamboo acts as a natural dampening on those bumpy back roads.
I've used it a fair few times to go to work on (17 mile round trip) and never a problem

Originally Posted by squirrel_hunter View Post
Nice, but needs more engine.

Out of interest how did you bond the carbon to the bamboo?
Basically, both the head tube and bottom bracket are steel with 100mm guide tubes welded on which the bamboo locates to. And where its bamboo on bamboo its just tacked together with epoxy resin.

Then every single joint is wrapped with...

2 layers of fibre glass/resin
6 layers of carbon tow/resin
A carbon powder/resin paste (sanded/smoothed)
Then finally a carbon weave/resin finish.

Each layer also had to be wrapped tight with the wrong side of electrical tape (doesn't stick to the resin) to hold it together whilst the resin set.

It was a long and tedious process and i wont be doing it again!! Ha!
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