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Default busy busy day

I have sold my flat (to investment company ) and have to be out 19th July. Dont actually have anywhere to live yet so may be bunking in at bfs 1 bed place (with 2 kids, dog, gerbil). Anyway I was looking into the cost of moving

hire of 7.5 ton truck (dont have a lot of furniture) £398 unlimited mileage, then deisel cost appox £150. or hire same truck one way bf flies up and drives it back down £100 flight £890 truck hire

went online for quotes from removal companies. guy phoned me back and is already doing a trip to surrey and could get a bigger van and squish my stuff in - £300. fantastic says I.

only problem he is arriving tomorrow morning to pick up my stuff.

so today I will be packing packing packing packing and some packing. but wayhay I saved loads of cash. just had another email from removal company - they will do the job for £1038.36 - no thank you
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Default Re: busy busy day

Best pack up your PC, so you stop wasting time on here!

good luck with the move!
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Default Re: busy busy day

Hope it works out well for you
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Default Re: busy busy day

Stop checking this bloody thread for replies woman!

Mods please lock this thread to save Kitkat from herself...
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Default Re: busy busy day

KK you got somewhere to store this is th BF's place big enough for your gear? if you need a hand with anything shout - see you at the weekend anyway
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Default Re: busy busy day

Need somebody/someplace to "look after" the Raptor?

I promise no tyre wear.*

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Default Re: busy busy day

on lunch break now. raptor has moved to the sunny south already but thanx for the kind offer stramasher

furniture is going into storage, bf has no room to swing a cat (just as well he hates them)

just had another removal quote ?1250. ive saved almost ?1000. im sure that is worth all the stress. doesnt seem that long ago I was moving from other place, dropping irons on my head and trapping my fingers in rowing machines.
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Default Re: busy busy day

Originally Posted by kitkat View Post
...bunking in at bfs ...... (with 2 kids, dog, gerbil).....

You think you got problems .... that's a lot of 'baggage' to take on for sure (poor fella)!!! ....
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