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We're riding out tonight to case the promised land
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Thanks for all the replies.

I did the drain test, the battery wasn't fully charged as I didn't have time (it was 12.15v). The reading was .004 (if I had it on the right meter setting). I put the original indicators back on last night, charged the battery overnight and fitted it this morning. The battery read 13.6v when charged. I did the drain test again and think it read -.003 (I was in a rush), it started fine and rode to work so see what happens tonight and if it starts tomorrow morning.

I replaced the regulator 6 months ago as the bike wouldn't start so bump started it but 5mins later it died. So when I got it home I put another battery in and put a meter on it and the volts went up to 15+ so checked the reg and it was fried which took out the battery, replaced them both and it was fine. It little while later it stopped again, had a garage look at it and a wire had burnt out (they did something to prevent it happening again) possibly because the connection on the battery was loose, but they checked the charging system and said it was fine.

So hopefully it was just the indicators affecting things, especially as this is the limit of my understandings of electrics!
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It wasn't the indicators as when about to come home from town last Monday at 11.30 at night it wouldn't start again (I was so happy). After taking the battery out and charging it over night it started and I took it to the garage. Turns out a connector block had burnt out again, as it had last time, and some wires and it seems the earth was cut or not connected on the regulator.

I'm not 100% sure what was done but something along the lines of instead of using a connector block they used individual connections and cut out some bad wire and sorted the earth. I didn't use it for a good few days and it started this morning so I'm hoping its sorted, though time will tell!
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