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Default Re: Thank you's etc etc...

would just like to add my huge thanks to all those who were involved in whatever form for organising and running this years event. i had a great time, caught up with people i've not seen for a while and met plenty of new people (not that they probably want to meet me again!). what a weekend
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Default Re: Thank you's etc etc...

Originally Posted by Furry Ginger One View Post
Yes you would.

oh ok ! then i guess when i get to junc 3 i wqould get lost always do !!!!
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Default Re: Thank you's etc etc...

tip top doo folks.

Thanks to all who helped organise it and to all the lovely people who were there. Especially to the ones that put up with our lass for the duration of the rideout back at camp. She thourght it was lovely everyone had gone to the effort to learn her name. I havnt the heart to tell her its cause it was on her t-shirt Bless She did say to pass on a massive thankyou to everyone who made us both feel so very welcome
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