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Default The Thin End . . .

. . of an ever-widening wedge?
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Sir Trev
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Default Re: The Thin End . . .

How on earth is that going to be enforced? There are nowhere near enough Rozzers on the roads and it's too expensive to add scameras to every newly restricted road.
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Red ones
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Default Re: The Thin End . . .

Until the day your car enforces the limit....
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Default Re: The Thin End . . .

Our wee village has been done recently, and so have the surrounding villages. It's easy to forget, especially if you stop at a shop and start off again.
I saw it being enforced on a Sunday morning. So, I guess it works in conjunction with the lower blood alcohol limit.
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Default Re: The Thin End . . .

how about teaching people to walk across the road properly.
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Default Re: The Thin End . . .

Because it's not as easy nor as lucrative

Oh and teach Bambi as well.
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Default Re: The Thin End . . .

Who voted for theses tozers

Oh yes You the People.....
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Talking Heads
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Default Re: The Thin End . . .

Important to realise that the proposer of this bill is a member of a political non-entity.
Can't see it getting very far.
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on yer bike
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Default Re: The Thin End . . .

1.7 million wasted in Manchester...

2.2 million spent in Edinburgh

I have yet to see any effect except more stationary traffic and the effects of higher illegal pollution levels within the city. If only they spent this money (and that wasted on the trams) fixing the roads to improve the flow of traffic instead. - Rant over.

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