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Question Cupar Suzuki or Saltire


Having pretty much settled on a new SV650 and living next to M80 I am around same time to get to either. Just wanted to ask if anyone has had any dealings or experience of these tried searching forum but most posts are older than 5 years so not sure if these are still accurate.
Can get to Mickey Oates in 10 minutes or so but never dealt with them and only two people I know who have both didn't rate them though for servicing not sales.

Suggestions are welcome for other two if good or bad just to get idea of best to deal with.
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Default Re: Cupar Suzuki or Saltire

you will get your best deal from Cupar without a doubt. their mechanics are also very good. excellent customer service and always good prices for tyres. I dont know if its still the same but Cupar will keep the bike till you are ready to pick it up and i'm sure its still free delivery on new bikes. they also do a winter storage for 1 a day and 20 pickup/delivery. they do the same for servicing, they pick it up do what needs to be done then deliver it back. winter also brings 1/2 price hourly rates as well.

you never feel pressured into a sale.

Saltire on the other hand..
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Default Re: Cupar Suzuki or Saltire

thanks Bibio
looks like it will be Cupar though unlikely before Christmas as am busy with work and help care for my dad so time may be tight before but early new year hope to get up then. Customer service wins for me as travelled down south for my car due to local dealers being poor to say least, have always been in favour of supporting local business as once their gone you really miss them but if Saltire leave a little to be desire will give them a miss.
2018 with a new bike sounds good.
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Default Re: Cupar Suzuki or Saltire

When I was looking to change to something new and shiny in September/October 2016 Saltire wouldn't even quote me a trade-in price but Cupar did and offered me what I considered to be a very good deal.
Decided not to change till after the worst of the winter was past.
Cupar then offered me the exact same deal for a delivery on 1st March 2017.
My AL7 has been back to Cupar twice, once for the recall and once for the initial service.
The standard of service from Cupar is better than I have had from any vehicle dealer in the forty years I've been riding/driving.
Cupar get a big thumbs up from me.
Saltire on the other hand... well I doubt I'll ever go back.

Mickey Oates I remember from (many) years ago when they did Vespas and off roaders, I think they used to have a shop down in Anderston before they moved up beside the canal?
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Default Re: Cupar Suzuki or Saltire

Talking Heads

Thanks for that advice Cupar it is then am also looking at the AL7 just want to see it in the flesh and get a wee sit on it too. Oates were the recommended dealer via letter they sent in brochure but never really had any inkling to deal with them had my brother in laws GSR 750 in to service it as he aint to keen on spannering overcharged him and took their time whilst doing a poor job as far as he was concerned a friend also used them similarly unhappy with them.
Seems Cupar trumps both and thats good enough for me
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Default Re: Cupar Suzuki or Saltire

Agree wholeheartedly with Bibo and Talking Heads.

When I was on lookout for Vstrom last spring, after doing my homework we ended up in Cupar (I live in Kilmarnock- was a great drive) who at the time had x 3 1000's around 1 year old (previous model). Can't fault the sales guys, no pressure mostly a good chat and Keith pointed out a couple of things on one I had missed and we organised a test drive and agreed a price.

I knew when Ibought it that the ECM issue might be present and when It turned out it was there was no problem getting it changed midsummer.

They also serviced bike in October and seemed reasonable price for a dealer (usually do most work myself but too new and under warranty) - also offered a courtesy bike whilst mine was on ramp -- was a new Sv650

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Default Re: Cupar Suzuki or Saltire

Never dealt with Saltire but I bought my SV from Cupar and was very happy with them.
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