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Talking Heads
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Default Re: Chain Monkey

I have a Tutoro Auto chain oiler.
In the 4000 miles since purchase, time spent adjusting chain tension... nil.
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Default Re: Chain Monkey

I only adjust the chain when I change it or swap tyres - only adjusted recently when I fitted new tyres. Hadn't been touched in about 7,000 miles. (I have a Scotoiler - great when I remember to fill it up)
Still saves time though when it does need adjusting.
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Default Re: Chain Monkey

I looked at a,"Chain Monkey" a few weeks ago.If they were a Tenner I might try one.

Something I'll add is that when I set the chain on my 1999 I double check my rear wheel alignment using a metal tape measure from the Front Sprocket axle centres to the rear wheel sprocket axle centres to be sure.This has shown me,on my bike at least,that I cannot trust the markings on the adjuster plates as they are slightly out with this.

Having had,"Crabbing" on some older motorcycles that were not set-up right I'm a little more vigilante these days
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