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Popy Fresco
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Default Trx 850

I've spent a long time thinking on getting an 'old' bike and finally one of these has arrived to my garage.

Anyone on here has or had one?

What do you think about the bike?
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Knob faced knobster
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Default Re: Trx 850

I have to admit I've been looking at these on eBay recently, I like them.
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Default Re: Trx 850

Rode a mates TRX many years ago. Was very impressed with it. Good power and handling and it felt small. Downside I found was it wasn't that comfortable in the seat. But on the plus side very ripe for modification, from what I remember blue spot calipers are easy to fit and a R6 front end bolts on (though you will have to check this).

I now want one.
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Sir Trev
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Default Re: Trx 850

My brother had one (in Sydney where he now lives) and loved it. From memory they were not that popular in the UK - certainly don't recall seeing lots of them. Probably a stigma thing of being a parallel twin when the fashion at the time was all for high revving IL4s or a V2 or 4. Shame really as I rather liked them.
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Default Re: Trx 850

I rode one not long after getting my 650. Don't rev so much (8k I think redline), only 5 fairly high gears, agricultural forks even compared to the SV. Give it a go by all means but don't commit without a test ride (like always). I didn't like it.
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