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Default Re: Fresh as a daisy

Congratulations on passing and have fun on your SV - passing your test is the point where you start to learn how to ride.

My advice is get some extra LED daytime running or spotlights on your bike to help the cagers see you. Bikes are often hard to see and accelerate faster than many people expect, don't give them the excuse to say 'SMIDSY' (sorry mate I didn't see you). IMHO bright lights are key to your safety - and while car drivers may not want to kill you they do it anyway from of lack of attention. Good source of good LED lights

Keep your eye out for drivers wearing hats, they do unexpected and stupid things.........

Don't forget to use the brakes on the SV to let people know you are slowing down, the engine braking is so good that when I first got mine I had to make a conscious effort to use brakes lightly just to let people behind know I was slowing.

Good luck.
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Default Re: Fresh as a daisy

Don't just see the SV as a "first big bike", they are so much more than that. I've had my curvy S for more than eight years now and put 65,000 miles on it. In 45 years of riding I can comfortably say it's the best, most characterful bike I've ever owned. It's a genuinely great all rounder, commuting, back lane scratching, tourer..... I've done 500 miles in one day on it, from home here in mid Wales to Fort William. Tired at the end of it but no serious aches or pains. They are generally very reliable, just change oil and filters regularly and they will go forever.

It's worth taking the time to get to know the bike. Eight years on and mine still puts a smile on my face every time I ride it.
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Default Re: Fresh as a daisy

Great advice, thank you.
The Ducati had huge engine braking so got told many times to make sure I show I'm slowing down.
Just back from my 1st ride. Beautiful beautiful beautiful!
I can absolutly see why a mate if mine describes biking as 'the only way to travel' and 650 appears to be ample for me!
I shall look out for hats
My wrists ache a bit but I gather this is more my inability to ride right just yet than it is the positioning.
My neighbour has a bandit and has repeatedly expressed his jealousy over the last 15 minutes rather it this way round though tbh!
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Default Re: Fresh as a daisy

Re, your wrists somewhere on the forum is a great (IMO) write up by -Ralph- about being "bike fit" well worth a read if you can find it.
used to be littleoldman but forgot password due to failing memory
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Default Re: Fresh as a daisy

Will look out for it. Thanks
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Default Re: Fresh as a daisy

Try resting your third finger on the clutch lever, (the same on t'other side with the brake), not cos it makes you feel like a racer, it helps to stop you gripping too tightly and aids the wrist ache.
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Default Re: Fresh as a daisy

Nice one. Will do that. Like flicking the bird to the sky both sides?
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Default Re: Fresh as a daisy

If you keep getting sore wrists - give it a while to see if you get used to riding first - but I found tank grips to be a game changer.

Pinlock inserts for your visor.
Heated Grips

Those are my 3 cheap must have upgrades if you are going to commute day in day out.
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Default Re: Fresh as a daisy

Hello and welcome !

Shiney side up and all that
Tom! Cleaned more then ridden ! SV650S 10 Plate Pointy!!,

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Default Re: Fresh as a daisy

Congrats on passing your test and welcome.
Wrist ache, numbness, pins and needles etc are all a result of your newness, you’re tense, rigid and not relaxed, perfectly normal, as you get more experienced, you’ll relax a bit more and those symptoms will ease.
Ride safe, stay alert
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