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Default Exhaust noise

I see that Welsh police are fining bikers for having too loud an exhaust.

I didn't realise that was an offense though it does make sense - even race tracks check it. What's the acceptable/legal level? It won't affect me since I have the stock exhaust but there are many bikes at my local haunt that would be nabbed if they enforced it on this side of the country.

Our Lincolnshire police are being run ragged with hare coursing, tractor thefts, atm smash and grab and now, perhaps, noisy bikes.
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Default Re: Exhaust noise

Noisy bikes annoy me even as a biker, they just get us all a bad name. My BIL has pretty much straight through pipes on his Yamaha 1300 V twin Cruiser and they make your eyeballs shake, even his cruiser mates told him he had gone too far and they cost him 's. Don't know if the dealer kept the OEM cans or supplied them with the bike but all his mates telling him to get something quieter on it as he is embarrassing them (and he will get pulled over sooner rather than later) - don't know how such loud pipes can get through an MOT as in a confined space they would really punish your ears.
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Default Re: Exhaust noise

According to this:

"In summary, vehicle exhausts must not be altered or replaced in a manner which increases the noise above that emitted by the type approved exhaust fitted by the manufacturer.

"In any case the sound emitted by an exhaust fitted to a standard car must not exceed 80dB. Some other vehicles, such as those with differing engine power e.g. HGVs, PCVs, motorcycles, etc. have higher limits up to 89dB. The offence also relates to vehicles being used in a manner as to cause any excessive noise which could have been avoided by the exercise of reasonable care by the driver. This may include revving engines, tyre noise and in some cases, audio equipment, etc."

I think the police need to do an audiometer test (or see you doing a burnout / donut ) to issue a ticket but the penalties for the offence are a 50 non-endorsable (i.e. no points) fixed penalty notice for ‘silencer/ exhaust system altered to increase noise’ (RC86068 ) or for ‘avoidance of excessive noise’ (RC86092).

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Default Re: Exhaust noise

bets they never pull HD riders... "but it came from the showroom sounding like this"
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