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Default Re: That Filtering & Insurance Letter.

Indeed, smart riders dont get noticed/remembered. But when one goes nuts cutting people off and winding it on through busy streets they get talked about and that shows the rest of us in a bad light.
Fortunatly these fools tend not to hand around for very long, I think the term used is "they are removed from the gene pool"
Originally Posted by tactcom7 View Post
I did kind of regret it afterwards. I was on a downwards youtube spiral. Should have just stuck to helicopter crashes and hot girls shooting guns.
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Default Re: That Filtering & Insurance Letter.

thank you very much i am sure all riders should get a copy of this as the likely hood of this happening is .......well to much to say.

copy and pasted.
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Default Re: That Filtering & Insurance Letter.

All you need to know really is that Davis Vs Schrogin is the case law for a vehicle u turning in path of motorcycle filtering - 100% in favour of the biker. End of.

If the vehicle is not u turning but turning right, then you might have an issue with the highway code referring to "coming into conflict with other road users" and it cites road junctions as one of these. It will be down to witnesses to see if the vehicle was to the right of its lane and indicating, in which you will get no more than 50/50. However, a case law recenltly noted that such circumstances were almost totally unavoidable in a built up area like London, where there may be so many driveways or side roads that progress would be impossible if one was to stop filtering. (I'll remind you of the case when I get to my desk on monday).

However, in circumstances where you are filtering, and round by witnesses to be reckless by dint of speed and failure to ride cautiously, and a vehicle that collides is not turning right or u turning but pulling out of a side road, then you might get nothing as per Farley Vs Buckley, where it was forseeable that a vehicle was going to emerge due to a vehicle wishing to turn in and being unable, due to the presence of the emerging vehicle, which "had" to do so. The rider failed to appreciate either the side turning, the possibility of an emerging vehicle, or the obvious cues as to what was happening.
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Default Re: That Filtering & Insurance Letter.

The guy on the filtering youtube clip has obviously been playing Grand Theft Auto way too much!

I wouldnt want to be one of the other bikers that he cut up at that speed.
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Default Re: That Filtering & Insurance Letter.

I ride to work 5 days a week all weathers. Motorway for about 22 miles then ring road dual carriageway. Filtering has become a way of life for me and it is very easy to get complacent, I take stock every now and then and the risks become real again.
I can spot a driver using the mobile phone well in advance, car or van just doesn't behave like others and when I pass, there they are, on the blower.
I am quite careful I think, especially observing the relative speed thing when in between cars.
I witnessed the unexpected one morning when a rider in front and myself were filtering on the dual carriageway in stationary traffic, the other rider was maybe 3 cars in front of me when a rear passenger from a car on the left decided to exit the vehicle causing a head on with the door edge !
Rider and other person were fine but bike and especially the car door were a mess.
Left my name etc for a witness but never heard anything.
So also be aware of rear passengers 'I'll get out here thanks' situations
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Default Re: That Filtering & Insurance Letter.

I once had similar on the M1.Filtering between lanes two and three in stationary traffic when front passanger door of car in lane three is flung open and some t0sser empties the ashtray.I stopped before hitting anything,but front of bike was between car and open door so it couldnt be closed before a few choice words were exchanged.
On a clear day we stand there and look further than the ordinary eye can see.
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Default Re: That Filtering & Insurance Letter.

I wish I had read this a few years ago... I got hit in a similar way... but I was driving a transit van so not sure that filtering is legal in those
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Default Re: That Filtering & Insurance Letter.

*LOve* that. Have cut and pasted for hopefully never
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Default Re: That Filtering & Insurance Letter.

Originally Posted by Deveraux View Post
*LOve* that. Have cut and pasted for hopefully never
Same here. Thanks for posting this.
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Default Re: That Filtering & Insurance Letter.

Originally Posted by Triv650 View Post

It's this kind of filtering that scares me. I would hope to think that none of you do anything that crazy. (or do you)
er Yes but I'll quickly add only on my son's PS3 where I can ride in shorts and knock back a beer at the same time! -
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