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Need Help: Try Searching before posting

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Sid Squid
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Default Want technical advice? Read this first.

1) When you ask a question relating to your bike's mechanics/electrics/suspension/whatever please specify exactly which model and year of SV you have, and any relevant changes/modifications you have made. Actually put down all the changes/mods you've made, whoever is giving an informed answer will know if they're relevant or not. If you have a description of your bike in your sig do not rely on that as some people have sigs turned off.

2) Important this one - I'm willing to bet money, (anyone who knows me knows how mean I am, indicating my heartfelt belief in this), that 90% of the actual genuine technical questions that you might have about your SV have been asked before, many times most probably, so, use the search function: Which is here:

3) Many of the contributors to this site have much useful and potentially money saving advice to give you, all of which is given freely and willingly and in the spirit of helpfulness to you, so be nice to them, don't be demanding or rude and if you get what you need say so - like my mum said: politeness costs nothing. It's probably good Karma too - so it's for you as much as for anyone else.

4) Don't shout, it's bad manners and irritates me, this includes the title subject. Don't put forty-three exclamation marks after the title either, I assure you it doesn't make me rush to the post to see if there's an emergency I can assist with.

5) Write intelligibly. This is no comment at all on your level of education and literary skill, but if we can't read it our willingness to assist will be of no use at all.

6) Post in the relevant sections.

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