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Default Re: Onesies

I told the wife that I was going to buy her a Onesie, I nearly got punched!
Originally Posted by Von Teese View Post
Jayne, I really must say that you do love that pussy!
Originally Posted by Littlepeahead View Post
Jayne you're a Pussy Magnet
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Default Re: Onesies

Was made of rubber though?

sent from the shredded wheat factory
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Default Re: Onesies

Originally Posted by Lozzo View Post
I have two, one made to measure by MJK in blue, white and grey and the other by Hideout in black and white. Both use leather extensively.
Like this??

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Iansv II
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Default Re: Onesies

no and never...

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Default Re: Onesies

Originally Posted by apchara View Post
i have one, however its a wilfred one,
There is no justification for owning one unless you are a toddler
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Default Re: Onesies

I don't own one, but my wife often lies me to dress up....oh, hang on, wrong forum....
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Sid Squid
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Default Re: Onesies

There was one of the LB lot in Soho on Friday wearing a onesie over his leathers.

Not cool.
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Default Re: Onesies

Originally Posted by L3nny View Post
Like this??

Where, where, to get one for my 5 month old.
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Default Re: Onesies

On kids they are entirely practical but a man I know who is 6'8 has one - that's just wrong.

Leather for biking, rubber for er... other activities I can understand.

Dressing up in a babygrow in your own home is bad enough, but I see people walking around town in them!

(And before Brock says it, I know I drove home from AR and bought petrol in wellies and pyjamas but there were extenuating circumstances)
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Default Onesies

Not a fekin chance.
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