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Default January Photo Comp - Hit and Hope

Another feature of my photography, particularly with film, is experimentation, so that is the theme of this month's photo comp. This can, as ever, be taken almost anywhere. For me it is often around exposure or depth of field, but it could be taken to mean composition, viewing angles, movement, anything really where you have tried something out, even if it is a near miss. A few examples of mine:
Enormous DoF and exposure range:
Silverstone - prep by John Rodriguez, on Flickr
Low light, I have tried to re-create this with film and am still trying!
Holmes Bridal in Tickhill by John Rodriguez, on Flickr
Again low available light only, even if it didn't quite work:
CNV00007 by John Rodriguez, on Flickr
Like you care
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Default Re: January Photo Comp - Hit and Hope

I'm not the festive type, hence why I didn't submit anything last month. This month is different. I had a play with using light a couple of years ago & came out with this neon cocktail.
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Default Re: January Photo Comp - Hit and Hope

Not very exciting, but I was playing with dof and leading lines.

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Default Re: January Photo Comp - Hit and Hope

This one is a hit and hope in that I like to experiment with street photography but find it a bit awkward pointing cameras at people, especially in other countries. So if I see something interesting, I tend to go for a distance shot where the focus isn't directly on the subject, hope focus/exposure
out OK, and then crop the result (I'm naff at that so more experimentation ).
I kind of like this little guy though.

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Default Re: January Photo Comp - Hit and Hope

I went through a phase of trying out HDR photography, and it really was hit and miss. Sometimes the colours would map out nicely, other times it looked like a drunken impressionist had thrown his toys out of the pram. This was about the best of them.

For the less geeky members of the .org, HDR involves taking three images (under-exposed, normal, over-exposed) then using software to munge them together and get one image with detail everywhere from the darkest shadows to the brightest highlights. It sounds simple, but re-mapping the colours frequently produced garbage. So there was plenty of 'hit the button and hope' involved.

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