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Red ones
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Default Urgent exhaust help needed

My SK8 needs the exhaust fixed which is a return to factory job (Scorpion Red Power - great exhaust sound, but the hanging bracket is coming away).
I need the bike daily so I'm looking at cheapest solution for getting to work.

If the exhaust goes away for worst case 2 weeks the train fare to work would be at least 176 if I choose the timing carefully (220 otherwise). So I'm looking at putting the cheapest possible exhaust on the bike but hopefully using the Scorpions link pipe. Clearly I don't want to cut the bike exhaust as I want to put the Scorpion back on when it's repaired.


A Delkevic exhaust is 124 ie 50 less than the train fare. A Soodoo off Amazon is 30, but I suspect that's a can for a scooter (although as long as the waddling stays in for a maximum of 600 miles...)

Any one got any ideas for me??
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Default Re: Urgent exhaust help needed

yes that should work. You might need to make up a short link pipe with clamps at each end from some stainless tube if you want to join an standard SV can to your original downpipes....
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Biker Biggles
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Default Re: Urgent exhaust help needed

Ive got an OE curvy end can if you can bodge that onto your system to keep it on the road
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Default Re: Urgent exhaust help needed

Is this of interest? Would need to post it though.
[IMG]sv650 can by ticklinjock - the plough, on Flickr[/IMG]
Not looking for any money for it, although you could make a small donation to the forum.

It was getting a wee bit noisy for my liking, I guess the wadding needs replacing, The link pipe looks burnt as I tried to change the angle so it would sit parallel to the bike.

Previously looked like this...
[IMG]IMG_2575 by ticklinjock - the plough, on Flickr[/IMG]
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