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Default Re: forth road bridge/queensferry crossing

Came over on our way hame today. Road surface is already undulating enough to make the bike like a nodding donkey. Got a great view of the UK's most expensive cycle track mind. Much better than the steel sections on the FRB
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Default Re: forth road bridge/queensferry crossing

not to mention the epileptic fit inducing lights.. who the fek thought that it would be a good idea to put that many lights at driver level. just wait till people can do 70 and it will be like a strobe light... oohh well it will give that bitch an excuse to drop the speed limit on it.
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Default Re: forth road bridge/queensferry crossing

Well I have been crossing it almost daily in both directions, time door to door has been pretty much the same as it was on old bridge, but then I do filter a lot

If you've not already been over with a bit of a wind blowing, you are in for some fun Pretty easy going and with the deflectors at the sides, the winds does tend to go over the top mostly with a steady push from the side its coming from. You still feel it but not as bad as the old bridge was, that is till you hit one of the towers, wind suddenly goes from outside to inside, quick n hard

Will get used to it in the end but wondering what its really going to be like at 70 with a strong cross wind

Oh and watch out for the join heading northbound, that's quite some lump
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Default Re: forth road bridge/queensferry crossing

first time over it yesterday, those driver level lights are pretty darn annoying!
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Default Re: forth road bridge/queensferry crossing

Since the opening of the new Queensferry Crossing, the old bridge has been closed for roadworks to be carried out.

It has partially reopened for public buses with other buses, taxis and motorbikes to follow in a few weeks.
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