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Default The Good things happen thread!

Well- at the start of March I had a slight prang. Nothing serious- clipped the corner of a Focus bumper after doing an emergency stop. Left a slight, scuffed dent.

We swapped details and I offered to cover it myself if the lady got a quote.

Got the first quote- ?515+vat including 11 hours work and ?150's worth of paint- basically an insurance charge for a coach works. I said "wow- that's a lot" so the nice lady went and got another estimate- ?120+vat. Much better- I said yes.

Sent the cheque off with a polite letter saying 'let me know if the final cost is different and please send a copy of the invoice for my records'. Cheque cashed, didn't hear nowt for a few weeks.

Was starting to think about chasing, when I got a letter back today- final cost was ?60, so the nice lady driver sent me a cheque for the balance.

Bonus!!!! A big relief. My rent is going up ?130 from May which was another shock for Easter (nice timing, Mr tactful landlord!) so I was starting to think it'd be a struggle to get some cash together for the new chain and sprockets and possible reg/rec. I also need a new passport- another ?72. Dooooh! I was never meant to have money. Though I am now learning to budget better!

So all's well that ends.....well better than I expected!

After a period of a real downer (some girl related nonsense too and work's been a real beeyatch recently), things are looking better again.

So, folks- we've had some very sad news, there's been some tension for a few folks on the org of late and the world economy's apparently going down the (swollen by the effects from global warming) swanee- but spring is finally starting to look like it'll get going and things are looking up. Let's have yer good news stories to cheer us on!

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