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Default Yamaha XJ6 Diversion loaner bike

My SV is in for its 15000/2 yr service today and my dealer (B&B of Lincoln) have loaned me a Yam XJ6/8 years old/30000 miles. It's always nice to ride other bikes and compare them to yours, I think.

Anyway, the Yam was smooth, pick up seemed very good (not googled the power output) and overall the bike seemed more stable than my SV (AL7) - I don't think my AL7 is as stable as my old curvy - but that's just me.

The brakes on the Yam were surprisingly good since the calipers seemed to be similar to the Suzuki, they definitely felt better than my bike but that might have been different pads.

The seat height was low (good for me) but the pegs seemed high which made me feel a little cramped up. The seat was hard but, despite this, no comfort issues with it (in 40 miles). The gearchanges were good which surprised me because I think the clutch was dragging.

I don't know if this was a feature of the Diversion but this one had an audible warning for the turn signals which was novel at first but soon became annoying.

If I'd bought one a few years back I would have been happy with it.
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Default Re: Yamaha XJ6 Diversion loaner bike

I had the old xj600 diversion a 90's one was an old smooth work horse think they've made the newer slightly more exciting but still same job and reliability.oh and its without doubt the most comfortable bike I've owned.

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Default Re: Yamaha XJ6 Diversion loaner bike

i will soon be selling my 10 plate naked xj6 if anyone is interested

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