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Default SV UK chat rooms?

I've done this before for another project but how would you lot feel if i got a uk chat room up for sv'rs and a few others for different areas in the country?

irc applet to be built

but for all you guys used to irc then i can post it up

undernet #svuk

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It's long been a topic for discussion: should we/shouldn't we have a chat room? But the decison has been irrevocably made that there'll be no chat facility at

If you wish to use any external facility to chat with other users fine, but we'd be grateful if you didn't use the name in any way as it won't be offically sanctioned by this site and we wouldn't wish anyone to think otherwise.

Do note that users can add IM details in their Profile should they wish, and there are quite a few peeps that do regularly chat using Messenger etc. Skype's also an alternative of course.

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i think its a great idea
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I hate chat rooms, all those girls aren't.....
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I offered a web based chat system a while back that did not use any applets, but as Admin2 advised me back then i took all notes off regarding the org. It worked but there seemed to be little intrest from the people on the forum.
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