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Default Hi guys,

Appreciate this is not SV but it is vtwin! I currently have an SV650 but feel the time has come to move on, the excitement just isn't there anymore, well not how it was anyway.

Was originally looking at IL4's but not sure they're as usable on the road and more track focussed these days, plus they don't sound as nice! Has anyone owned or ridden a VTR SP1000? Saw one today in fowlers motorcycles and it looked pretty nice!

What do people think? Your comments good or bad are very welcome! ]

Haven't posted here for a long time but back now and hope to contribute more

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Default Re: Hi guys,

The Sp1 is supposed to be very harsh - dedicated to the track. They also go for top money. For the price you pay for a decent 6 year ols SP1, you could get a very tidy regular firestorm.

Or what about the SV1000?

Or get a Blade, Or GSXR 750 if you want an IL4.
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Default Re: Hi guys,

Short petrol tank range on a standard VTR.
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Default Re: Hi guys,

My review on a Fireblade and SP2 here:
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Default Re: Hi guys,

Alright mate, try and get hold of Viper (VTR1000) or Bellerophon (HAD VTR1000 Repsol colours, not sure if that was just a paint job or if the bike was 'a little something special'.

SOUNDED special that's for sure.

Bristol eh? Have you seen?

We meet up every Thursday eveing in Bristol and sometime go to invade the Welsh lot (that'll be happening tomorrow just over the old bridge if you fancy it)
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Default Re: Hi guys,

possibly a little too focused for the road; SP2 might be better suited. Both are the last honda to be specifficaly built to win world superbikes - i dont think there has been any other honda's released since with "hrc" on the side

I know I want one. And i will have one.

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Default Re: Hi guys,

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Default Re: Hi guys,

i was thinking of going for a vtr1000 but after a bit of reserch i decided against it small tank, and the newer ones are more set up for a track and hard work to ride around town

so i got a blade insted
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Default Re: Hi guys,

I don't think the SP1 is what you are after ... the clutch is on-off and it is not the most comfy of rides, you also feel like you are perched on top of the thing, not 'in-it'
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Default Re: Hi guys,

Cool, I'm no traitor! Love my SV but just want something a bit faster! (Don't we all!)

Sp2 looks a good bet as sp1 had rev and power probs occasionally according to some reviews i've read. They do sound special don't they! Going out for a ride with a mate who has a new R6 so might ask him if i can have a go as that could be a potential if going for an il4. CBR600rr is the other il4 contender too along with SP2 and ducati 848 for twins! I need more cash!

There are just too many bikes out there and i want them all!

Stretchie, might pluck up the courage and come to a meet! Do many newcomers normally pop along? I'm near stapleton in Bristol if you know it?

Will read your review scoobs, forgot about that one, sure i've read it b4 but will refresh memory.

Cheers guys!
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