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Default Hey guys, I'm new!

Just wanted to pop in and say Hello! I used to ride small bikes to and from school when I was 17, but haven't ridden for the past ten years. I have, however, just passed my direct access (two weeks ago!!) and bought myself a 2000 SV650S with fairing. I am chuffed to bits with the bike. There are a few things wrong with it that I never noticed when I bought it, but for 1600, and my first big bike, I can't scoff really! In any case, I look forward to meeting you all (I'm now going to set up my profile), but have attached a pic. (P.S. Thats my Mum in the pic with me!! )
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hello,good evening & welcome
im running cardiff half marathon for velindre cancer centre
please sponsor me

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Hiya welcome to the madhouse
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Nuff respect to da ipswich masssiiiiivvv aiiiiiii

Or welcome in normal language
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Welkom na die malhuis...goeie keuse met jou bromponie
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*waves belaying pin in general easterly direction* Avast there, landlubber, and be welcomed!!
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Hi Rick in the UK - from SA?
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Ah good choice of bike mate, curvy and blue. But dont you know the best bikes are naked???

Oh, bonjour by the way and wilkommen
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What? Completely new? You're quite tall for a newborn baby aren't you.

PS Nice cheesy grin in photo - full marks for looking chuffed.
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