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Default Sv650 running very rough at all RPMs

This is a EFI 2004 sv650 with around 6500 miles on it. I have had it for 3 years. It is not ridden very much but enough to keep fresh gas in it. I took it out for a ride last week and it was running rough. It was idling strangely. Going back and forth from 1000 to 1500 rpm. Im not sure what it was idling at before. It gets up to speed but very reluctantly. It hesitates alot and doesnt have much power. If I am just at a cruising speed or giving it more throttle it will sometimes unbog for a second and surge forward. I thought maybe just old fuel so I bought some seafoam and put some new gas with the seafoam in it after draining tank. It seemed to work. Not 100 percent but like 90. After riding for about 30 minutes it started to do the same thing. I have to give it alot of throttle just to take off from a start like it doesnt have the power and if I dont keep it throttled up a little bit when at a stand still it will sometimes just die. I let the fuel with seafoam sit in there a couple days and it's still doing the same thing. Where should I start.
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Default Re: Sv650 running very rough at all RPMs

Hi and welcome.

Start with the basics - is the oil level good? Air filter clean? Especially check the spark plugs are good and that they are fitted snugly, because they can and do loosen off with usage. Do NOT gorilla them, the tightening torque is 12nm / 8lb-ft, or 1/12th of a turn from finger-tight for used plugs (1/2 a turn from finger tight for brand-new, first-time-fitted plugs).

If all those check out OK, is the battery charging? Could be the fuel pump filter is clogged with crap too.

Good luck and let us know how you get on.
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Default Re: Sv650 running very rough at all RPMs

I agree with Craig, start with new plugs. There are a lot of fake NGK plugs about too so be careful if buying from ebay.
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