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Default Re: Chain and Sprocket Compatibility - Pointy 650S L2

One tooth on front sprocket is worth 3 on the rear IMHO one tooth more or less on rear sprocket would hardly be noticeable. Standard naked Gladius and L7 is 15/46 with 112 chain and that makes a really nice ride, max speed limit in UK is 70mph, unless you do a lot of motorway miles use the lower gearing for more pep ( and fun ) on normal roads. The twin spark engines make more power but torque and power shifted up the rev range a bit.

Have you tried they seem to have a good database ..
SV650 AL7

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Default Re: Chain and Sprocket Compatibility - Pointy 650S L2

Originally Posted by SV650rules View Post
Have you tried they seem to have a good database ..
They only list a 45 tooth for the L2, however they confirm 108 link chain

I think that since they seem to be the same, even though nobody can actually confirm, I think I'll chance my arm and order a kit described for a K6. Worst case I think would be having to get a different sprocket.
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