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Tim in Belgium
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Default Nurburgring 2012

Anyone else off for a few laps there next year?

Got a plan for 5+ weeks out there.

Just starting to put the logistics together

Two things high up on the list of to do items:

Buy a fast bike.
Buy a van.

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Default Re: Nurburgrin 2012

You forgot your Jahrescarte
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Emily Howard rides an SV
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Default Re: Nurburgrin 2012

Who the hell knows. Long way off yet. Would love to head back there. I'll "watch this space."
Wowee Zowee
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Tim in Belgium
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Default Re: Nurburgrin 2012

Originally Posted by punyXpress View Post
You forgot your Jahrescarte
JK is just turn up and pay for it on the day, no organisation reuired, it's what credit cards are designed for.

My shopping list for next year! :

1xVW T4
1x New Helmet
1x New gloves
1x Back Protector
1x Chest Protector
Tyres x a few
Diesel a bit
Tunnel crossings 10+
Petrol Lots
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The Idle Biker
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Default Re: Nurburgrin 2012

Do they still charge you for the lost revenue if you crash and they have to halt the session?
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Red Herring
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Default Re: Nurburgrin 2012

It might just be me getting older and more sensible, or maybe I've just been unlucky with the days I've been in recent years, but it seems to me that it's definitely getting a bit more dodgy round there. You would have thought with the way they have put the price up there would be more space but it just feels more and more crowded.

This clip shows the aftermath of a recent pile up there that appears to have been caused by poor roadworks signing, and a Ring Taxi piling into a punter who slowed for it!

Don't get me wrong, I love the place and if you get it at the right moment it's awesome, but I'd be very nervous to take a newby there on a public day.

ps: forgot to add, it's a rubbish video, fast forward to about 9.20.

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Tim in Belgium
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Default Re: Nurburgrin 2012

No charge for closure anymore, but bills for damage to the armco, and if you cause someone else to crash you better be sure that your insurance is water tight. Bills in this case can run into 100ks + for multi car pile ups, it's a oublic toll road after all, one which all insurers have to provide you the minimum 3rd party cover for, but if you check your small print they'll probably try to sue you back to reclaim damages...

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