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Default Re: mmm prison food

Originally Posted by Bibio View Post
yes i know its the UK and the speed limit is 70mph but in Germany on the autobahn its the norm. lets take the UK speed limit and law out the equation for a moment and then ask whats the harm.

if the speed limit was 100mph in the UK a large majority would all drive at 100mph up the speed limit to 200mph and if your car could do it then people would. its the law that makes it bad.
I'd normally take that view, but this looked out of control to me - , one hand twitchyness, distracted messing about with his camera phone camera - it wasn't a clear road either and the other cars looked uncomfortably close at that speed.

And also just the stupidity of knowing how illegal and questionable it is and uploading it to the net
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Default Re: mmm prison food

Originally Posted by SV650rules View Post
Yup, if Germany is serious about its climate change low CO2 etc they would reduce speed limits and stop making cars that can do over 200.... Then again Germany has been building coal fired power stations up to recently -
Every vehicle made (near enough) can break any/every speed limit there is . . . . just because your vehicle can do it, it doesn't mean you have to.
Look at the Motorcycle industry with the gentlemans agreement on the 186MPH limit, most superbikes can break it from factory - only the dash will still show 186....
Most superbikes can also do nigh on 100MPH in 1st gear . . . . what's the point of the other 5?

Volvo is now going to start restricting its vehicles to 112MPH from factory. Still above all speed limits on the continent. What's the point?

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Default Re: mmm prison food

Originally Posted by DJ123 View Post
Every vehicle made (near enough) can break any/every speed limit there is . . . .

Tell that to my van
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Default Re: mmm prison food

Identifying the vehicle involved would be relatively easy if you have a time frame, but where are you going to get the information around when it was filmed? Pretty much the only way the police will manage that in the absence of a digital footprint is if they can read one of the registration numbers on one of the vehicle that gets overtaken, and I don't think the quality of the footage, even if it was enhanced, is good enough for that.

Speaking as someone who drove on UK motorways at over 150mph on pretty much a daily basis you do need to look beyond just the figures involved. They are certainly in a car capable of handling the speed, the weather, traffic and location are probably as suitable as you could ever reasonably get, and apart from mucking about with his camera he's ticking most of the boxes so although I'm not in any way suggesting what he did was appropriate or safe it's not quite the headline it's being made out to be. I've seen a whole lot more dangerous driving at half that speed.
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Default Re: mmm prison food

Originally Posted by keith_d View Post

At 150mph our motorways aren't close to flat, they are a mass of lumps and bumps that try to throw you off line. And, even the shallowest bends need full concentration because you're getting 4x the centripetal force that you get at 70mph.

I've driven an SLK on the autobahn at 150mph.

After going round a gentle bend, I struggled to keep it in the lane with the traction lights flashing like a Christmas tree. Slowed down a bit after that.

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