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Default Just having a chat...

...with the old man. There's a TV program on right now about ID theft, and specifically the part about Wifi scanning (war driving).

Old Man: "I didn't know you could do that!"
Me: "Oh yea, the car's wired direct to the chassis for it."
Old Man: "Really? That could be fun some time."
Me: "Yea, but you know it's highly illegal right?"
Old Man: "Yea, but you teach me, and I'll teach you what the army taught me about making bombs!"

(I didn't tell him that I've played with small home made "explosives")
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I was just discussing with a friend the other night about how these terrorists have spoiled everything for the completely innocent and harmless "home" explosion enthusiast.
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Hello from Portsmouth!
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I was trying to hack my wireless last night... going to have to learn how to force arp requests. Not sure if my card supports it though.
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