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Default General curvy S cables question

Hi all, this is probably a difficult question to get a definitive answer to but hopefully I'll get a 'near as damn it' answer.... I have a 99 curvy 'S' that I am changing to naked bars type conversion, I have drilled the top yoke and reinforced the underside with carbon fibre together with a 5mm alloy plate, the risers are 3 inches high and I have some bars from a 1000 Fazer (which are very close in style and shape) to naked bars, my question is this ... does anyone who has done this conversion know if the 'S' throttle/ clutch/ choke cables will need to be changed/ lengthened? Or ... with the info I've given .. be OK. I'd prefer not to reroute the cables due to possible binding etc.
Reason I'm asking is that I haven't actually had time to test fit the yoke and bars yet so am unsure of pitfalls .
Any advice or experience of doing this would be a real help. Cheers.
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Default Re: General curvy S cables question

S cables will not fit on N bike especially with 75mm risers. you also have to remember that the brake lines wont fit either and possibly the switchgear cables as well.

best person to ask is dirtydog as he's already done it.
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Default Re: General curvy S cables question

Measure the length of the cables that you will need and give Joe at 16eighty a call and have a set of custom length HEL lines made up to suit.
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Default Re: General curvy S cables question

Thanks for the replies, thought I was being a bit hopeful tbh, I don't mind spending out on the bits I'll be needing, just thought it was worth an ask just in case I would needlessly buy stuff I didn't need.
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