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Adam Ef
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Default Re: What have you tinkered with today?

Ok. So today's lesson is never copy an idiot, or it makes you an idiot.
I'm an idiot.

I'm sure it's not a good idea to admit to this. Go easy on me.

You know that bit where they tell you to make sure you pay attention to which way the fork seals are around when they come out and put the new ones back in the same way? Well, don't if the person who fitted them before you fitted them the wrong way around. I thought I was second guessing myself when I fitted them, but got confused by the upside down forks (I've only done the right way up ones before.. I know they're the same really, but...). Anyway, I went against my instinct to have the seal numbers facing the outside and just put them in how the others came out. I now know that the ones previously fitted* were definitely fitted the wrong way around, probably the reason there was no oil in the forks and the front pads were useless when I got the bike (they'd been oiled by the leaking forks).

* The more I look over this bike the more I see things that the previous owner must have done himself without having much of a clue. Copper grease on loads of plastic parts (?!) is a bit of a sign of an over keen home mechanic. The air box was smeared in it too, even though the air filter was the original, never changed and letting almost no air to the engine.

You'd think the dealer might have spotted these things when they did the "service" that they include before a sold bike goes out. Hmmm.

Anyway, fork seals are now fitted the right way around. Dropped the front by 4mm too to make up for the 4mm longer spring and the bike feels great. I can now get on with the other mods I have lined up.
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John T
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Default Re: What have you tinkered with today?

That's good. I'm glad you got to the bottom of it. Just goes to show how well some dealers prep their secondhand machines. I'd send them an invoice for your work.

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Default Re: What have you tinkered with today?

Adam, I'm glad you fixed it.
Sounds about the same level of service my new to me Qashqai got last year from Glyn Hopkins when I picked it up. None of the things we had discussed had been done.

I wouldn't be surprised if that's just the norm now. No one gives a **** apart from the buyer.
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Default Re: What have you tinkered with today?

The Dorso has thrown up another code today, so it looks like the throttle demand sensor might need replaced. Which are not cheap!

I need to get it to a dealer to have a proper look at it and confirm what the problem is. Don't really have the cash for that right now so
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