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Default Re: The Borderline

Originally Posted by Luckypants View Post
Of pertness / firmness / cleavage-liciousness
true enough pencil underneath could just mean the wench has saggy buns think the guys should come up with a standard .org test for all the ladies to carry out lol...
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Default Re: The Borderline

Elbow test surely?

Stand facing the wall with elbows facing forwards (hands by ears), which touches first? Elbows or.....
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Would anybody like any...
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Default Re: The Borderline

Originally Posted by Luckypants View Post
I thought a pencil held between them was the best measure?
Well, the internet is your friend - pencils are a wonderful testing device. Underneath will tell you whether you need a bra or not, in the cleavage will tell you if its right, and in the hair will tell you if you're black (from apartheid era SA).
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Default Re: The Borderline

Thanks to my truckers diet I now have a nice set of moobs will have to try the pencil test, not been on much recently, hope you,re all well
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mister c
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Default Re: The Borderline

Aye up Stewie...Your doing too much work mate, it's not good for you
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Default Re: The Borderline

I just got Guitar Hero World Tour with the Drums and Microphone and Guitar , I has been Rawking mah Living Room like it was Donington \m/ ^_^ \m/
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Default Re: The Borderline

i just spend the last three hours catching up on my sleep... had a big night last night. KING OF STELLA!!!

ha ha ha.... still a bit ****ed now i think.

Originally Posted by Rich View Post
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Default Re: The Borderline

Should I get drunk tonight and hope I can have a lay in or just have a couple of drinks and go to bed early?
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Default Re: The Borderline

We got pretty slammed, could barely crawl out of bed this morning! Show night is always pretty alcoholic!
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Speedy Claire
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Default Re: The Borderline

OMG I`m totally done in! Was a great night and I can`t quite believe how much I drunk but i`m about to crawl back to bed!
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