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Default Extended week anybody?

Hey y'all

Bit of a step up to the AR this year, seems a shame to venture so far into flat cap and whippet country without exploring a little more of the north while we're there...

Anybody out there fancy a little mission into the land of thistles and haggis? Not really a rideout as such, just a few bikes who haven't seen Scotland by bike yet...

Not connected with the AR at all, just thought this was an appropriate place to discuss...

Anybody interested?
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Default Re: Extended week anybody?

Ey up you think before or after?

There is a rabble coming south on the Friday, and the same going north sunday.
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Default Re: Extended week anybody?

I can't get the extra time off work otherwise I'd be up for it.

Had an extended GM. Weather was ******* awful for the most part, but still had a load of fun and a great time. I'll be back up soon enough, it was awesome
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Default Re: Extended week anybody?

Lyn and I are heading that way after the AR.
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