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SVeeedy Gonzales
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Default Givi rack and top box

Fitted a rack and 45 litre topbox a week ago and had a few rides so far.

Not too pricey - about 80 for the rack and another 80 for the box, which can hold two helmets and a few other bits. The rack can take an add-on piece that allows panniers as well, but then I'd probably be better off getting a deauville...

I've not felt any wobble or other effects on windy days (and that's going over the river Medway on the M2 with a pretty bad spot for strong winds). It clips on and off the bike in seconds (though can't come off without the key) and the rack that's left is pretty unobtrusive (helps if the bike is black like the rack though...)

The quality is better than I expected from what I'd read - maybe Givi have improved after the problems of earlier racks... time will tell. It took about an hour to get it all out, read the instructions and fit it. I had to leave out two bits of rubber padding as the fit was so tight on the grabrail.

As for the "hard luggage isn't nice" debate, yes it makes the bike look a bit more clumsy but it doesn't have to be used all the time and if you don't fancy lugging around your riding gear all day in the sweltering heat of Donington, or want somewhere relatively secure and very dry to store your stuff when you park up, or if you're going somewhere for more than a few hours, it's dead handy. There's only so much you can fit in a rucksack, and wearing a bulky rucksack for a few hours of riding is not fun. The weight of the contents in the top box is limited to 3kg according to the blurb.

Seeing as it's almost the largest topbox you can get, I don't think it looks too unwieldy...

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Good review.

I think the weight limit is dictated by the rack and sub frame of the bike in question. My 47 litre is rated to 10kg and should be virtually identical.

Turbulence also depends on the bike and rider. All down to the air flow. I suffered a bit this past couple of weeks but I've put it down to the weather more than the box.
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SVeeedy Gonzales
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Probably alright on the turbulence as I'm the same width as the box
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Can't really see clearly, but the photos looklike the rack make the pillion grab rail hard to reach. Tried a pillion on there with the rack?
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SVeeedy Gonzales
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I reckon a pillion would have to hold onto the rider or the sides of the grab rail. Givi do a backrest kit for about a tenner so the pillion has something to lean on so that would be worth getting if my wife wanted to go pillion.

Mind you, she's not wanted to go pillion since I was in a 70mph pile up which bent the last SV in half. So that's saved a tenner!

I looked at the replacement seat/topbox option but I think the box size is limited and I saw a guy get squashed under his SV because it started going over at slow speed and he couldn't get off in time as it stops you getting off easily (and on - he had to mount the bike in a very odd way that looked like he was about to kick it over).
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Would not worry too much about the grabrail as any pillion won't need to hold as they will be braced by the box. Did consider the backrest but most jackets now have a back protector which will cancel out any possible uncomfortableness (?). Think my missus holds the back of the rail if needs be.

Got a 52l GIVI on my GSX for going away. Totally waterproof (tested ) and fantastically functional. Not cool.... until as you say you get to the racing and you get changed into T and shorts and the look of envy from yer mates having to lug leathers/helmets/rucksacks Justice after getting the usual Porta-potty comments.

Got mine from these folks. Great price and service. Was recommended to me so passing it on.....

Got my highest ever top speed on that bike two up with it in place. So I tell the doubters its a performance aid.
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