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Default Weekends

What do normal folk do at weekends ?

I don`t mean get rat-arsed on a Fri and Sat night, I mean during the day ?

Just wondered as I`ve pretty much spent the whole of today on here and ebay looking at stuff to buy and sell, and youtube.
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Default Re: Weekends

I tend to go shoppin in town, or meet some of me mates.
Or il go out on my bike, or wash it, or both.
i also do what youve done and just do not much tbh
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Default Re: Weekends

Yesterday :

Got up, took the dogs for a walk, went food shopping, went out on my pushbike for a few hours, watched a bit of TV had some food then went to bed

Today :

Watched WSB
Took dogs for a walk
Cleaned pushbike, and relubed chain
Watched some TV, had some food generally relaxed
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Default Re: Weekends

Normal folk?
Not sure about that but if it's nice and I'm not working I either ride or break my bike (at the same time every so often). Failing that , see some mates.

Got loads of stuff you could put on ebay for me if that's what floats your boat?
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Default Re: Weekends

choke the chicken.. or eat, drink and make a fool of myself.

ooohhh look you stay near me. would you like to participate in my activities?
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Default Re: Weekends

I normally spend Saturday with my sister and niece as drew and my sister's husband play field hockey together. Sunday is mine and drew's day that we may spend out on the bike, or in the house, sometimes visit parents, friends etc.
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Default Re: Weekends

the washing and ironing routine. Chill out in the mornings normally.

It does kind of depend on how much I had to drink on Friday night...

This weekend, I have-

Had a band practice session, got some guitar practice in, watched one and a half films, a bit of telly, a fair bit of Tomb Raider Anniversary (got it on Friday),trying to to figure out what has caused my entire indicator circuit to die (got a new relay on order- hoping it's just that!), been for a 2 mile run (warm air is harder to breathe, isn't it).

So it's been fairly productive weekend for me, really. I haven't spent any time re-famiiliarising myself with Pro Tools, but that'll happen soon...

And now I'm here! Typing away on the interweb.

The next few months might have a challenge- got a NAS drive arriving tomorrow- I may start getting my CD collection onto iTunes (about 800 of them).

It also depends if it's a Formula 1 weekend. Or if I've got a gig planned...
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Bri w
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Default Re: Weekends

Saturday is usually shopping a.m., golf afternoon, falling down water in the evening.
Sunday with Mrs B and coffee and papers + the occasional ride out.

Sunday evening is total chill on the sofa with nice food/in door picnic, and maybe a bit of work before Monday bedlam
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Default Re: Weekends

i go to work 8-1 on saturday morning, then come home, and if its not nice enough to go out on the Fazer then I will tend to play PS3/XBox 360 pretty much most of the afternoon, then in the evening most likely head down to a friends, possibly have a few beers, then sunday just sit and do preeetty much same same all over again
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Default Re: Weekends

Sat - i work

Sun i do nothing, maybe go out on the bike, i lead a exciting life
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