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Default anyone goin from east midlands on sunday?

Anyone goin down to the rideout sunday morning from east midlandsa area? If so fancy meeting up then riding down together?
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I reckon I will be Matty

Saturday seems a bit busy at moment, I reckon we will need to leave at 7.00 ish though
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aye i think you may be right, thats gonna hurt . Cool, anyone else you know of going from east midlands?
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I'm hopefully going on the Sunday.

Malc's probably right with the 7'ish start time.

If you pop this thread onto the MIGTS board as well you might pick up some other volunteers as well.
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good stuff, i'll stick it on the MIGTS too then, see if anyone else fancies coming along.
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Reckon I'll be going down Sunday morning. Must stay off the beer Sat night.
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Does 7am seem sensible?

Any suggestions on a meeting place would be welcome, either en route or in coalville
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I did an autoroute for a decent route to Burford,

I know there are faster routes, but this is a good biker route, down the fosse way to Southam and then one of the best roads in the UK for bikes to Banbury.

I dont want any Al- Queda terrorists reading this route backwards and blowing my house up :P

Time Mile Instruction For Towards

07:00 0 Depart The Flat on Local road(s) (East) 0.1 mi
07:00 0.1 Continue (East) on B587 0.5 mi Melbourne
07:02 0.6 Continue (South-East) on Local road(s) 0.9 mi Melbourne
07:05 1.5 Bear LEFT (South) onto B587 3.3 mi Lount
07:10 4.8 Turn RIGHT (South) onto Local road(s) 0.1 mi
07:11 4.9 Turn LEFT (East) onto B587 1.2 mi Newbold
07:14 6.2 Bear RIGHT (South) onto Local road(s) 1.9 mi
07:20 8.1 Turn LEFT (East) onto A50 0.8 mi Leicester
07:22 8.8 Turn RIGHT (South) onto A447 12.6 mi Ravenstone
07:37 21.5 Continue (South) on B4667 1.7 mi Hinckley
07:42 23.2 Continue (South) on B4109 2.7 mi Wolvey Heath
07:48 25.9 Bear LEFT (South-East) onto Local road(s) 2.8 mi Wolvey Heath
07:57 28.7 Turn RIGHT (South) onto B4455 3.7 mi Stretton under Fosse
08:03 32.4 Turn RIGHT (South-West) onto B4027 0.8 mi Binley
08:05 33.1 Turn LEFT (South-East) onto Local road(s) 0.6 mi Brinklow
08:07 33.7 Turn LEFT (South) onto B4455 1.3 mi Bretford
08:10 35 At Bretford, turn LEFT (South) onto A428 0.3 mi Church Lawford
08:10 35.3 Bear RIGHT (South) onto B4029 0.6 mi
08:12 35.9 Continue (South) on B4455 3.5 mi Stretton-on-Dunsmore
08:18 39.5 Turn RIGHT (West) onto B4453 0.1 mi
08:18 39.6 At Princethorpe, turn LEFT (South) onto A423 5.2 mi Banbury
08:28 44.8 Bear RIGHT (South) onto Local road(s) 1.1 mi Southam
08:31 45.9 Turn LEFT (South-East) onto A425 98 yds
08:32 45.9 Bear RIGHT (South) onto A423 12.7 mi Banbury
08:54 58.6 Bear RIGHT (South) onto A361 4.5 mi Banbury
09:01 63.1 At Bloxham, stay on A361 20.3 mi Milcombe
09:26 83.4 Arrive Burford

Total distance: 83.4 miles
Length of trip: 2 hours, 26 minutes
Driving time: 2 hours, 26 minutes
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ignore the times and costs as they are set up for a fast truck
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i'll be heading down the Fosse from Rugby on sunday morning - possibility of a meet up?
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