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Default My Das notes from when i was learning

These are the notes my instructor wrote after each lesson i had whilst doing my das lessons, think it makes interesting (and sometimes funny!) reading!

"27/4/06: Pre das notes: Not ridden for 3mths,clutch work not good,watch junctions,roundabouts and traffic"

Das asses: Worked on CONFIDENCE and gears work,some apprehension at roundabouts/junctions (Wants to GO rather than stop!!!) No time for u-turn today.

5.5.06: "Not a bad 1st lesson-still gaining confidence and taking gear instruction, had a good go at a u-turn,covered pulling off and stopping, some obvs are pretty good".

19.5.06: Started scrappy but got better, u-turns getting there but not convinced,good turn sequence. CONCERNS: very wobbly on pulls off and stopping but very good slow ride in town, tried hill start but need to come back to"

26.5.06: "Fantastic work on control (at cost of obvs ) stopping great at times,pulling off crappish (not enough go) hill starts need more work, gears/clutch work much better (how it sounds and feels)

2.6.6 "Holding back on speed-creating lack of confidence"

22.6.6: "EUREKA! on clutch/brake control, managed u-turns at park farm bad
day for roundabouts but redeemed herself at end of day with some good town work.Dive in and out of town tomorrow.

23.6.6: "As above but drove with more conviction, not much improvement on day before but town drive was most impressive"

30.6.06: " All about attitude where u-turn/road ride concerned-positive or negative.

5.7.06: "Worked on picking up speed and gear control, Summerleys next time?? and loads of roundabouts, push along on gears and speed, maybe consider denford bends for speed control and relaxtion.

11.7.06: " Went to denford bends-rode really well but suprisingly crap with gears , felt she was chasing front rider , TOTAL loss of confidence after PULLING OUT ON VECHICLE AT ROUNDABOUT!! ( )

12.7.06: " Problems with roundabouts but sorted pulling off abit better+summerleys was good (return to), very good attempts at u-turns today , work at relaxing/being calm-looking+not thinking"

20.07.06: "Missing some obvs today! as above but need to talk through gears on roundabouts EVERY TIME!, ALMOST THERE on u-turn , same next time (summerleys) park farm/nursery+real roads, todays technique was concentrating on clutch hand (tell her shes going on a 125 before lesson starts)

28.7.06: "Covered u-turns on wide roads rather than summerrleys and coped very well with somerocky moments but roundabouts great, had positive badge on today , same again next time with more emmergancy stops+country roads,Good town work!

1.8.06: "U-turns really getting there!, almost had hatton street, lost it on gearing, but redeemed herself by end of lesson.Make pulling away and stopping stronger"

2.8.06: "Covered u-turns well on wide roads but lost it when we came into small road (james road).once gain affected whole ride(Didnt bother with ANY obvs for awhile ) stopping became better but pulling away still poor."

10.8.06: " U-turns worked well on all wide roads and never turned to despair , general ride and obvs suffered slightly but even the roundabouts worked well (willing to stop and time out+go) look at q+a's + test centre."

19.08.06: " Good ride but easily led by front rider "

2 days before my test:

23.08.06: Attitude+u-turn=bad rider (battle of wills?)

Test day: PASSED 1ST TIME WITH ABOT OF BOTHER!! Lost plot (never had it!)
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Whats ABOT hun, think he just kept his eyes on your bum on the test then

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Was this all the riding you was doing at the time? A lot of peoples confidence is only built by regularly riding (on their own) and assessing themselves after (which I still do now).

If you was riding another bike at the time you must have been scared of the strange beardy man in you mirror following you around all day. That was part of my problem, thankfully most of his effing and jeffin was towards the other person doing the training.

Edit: Would like to add that I got a clean pass on my full test. Was told to hold onto the test score paper cos the tester was a mean mother trucker.
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yup i wasnt riding other than when i was doing my lessons, lost alot of confidence when i used to take me rs 125 out-mainly because itd break before id got 5mins away from home!
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