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Default things that go bump in the night

I made a bug screen so I can sleep with the window wide open. The minor drawback is that every little sound seems amplified - I sleep upstairs and sound always seems to carry further (imo).
Anyway, at midnight some noises awoke me and it sounded like someone trying to break into my shed, it was too dark to see so I went downstairs and switched the driveway security light on/off which makes it remain on for a few minutes, it doesn't face the garden but allows enough light to see the shed. Shed looked intact and the noise had stopped by now so back to bed. 30 minutes later it restarted, back downstairs, on goes security light and this time I peered from the kitchen into the conservatory.

There was a juvenile fox in the conservatory running back and forth along the window sill. My clean washing was strewn around along with basically anything that could be moved (by him).

I opened the kitchen to conservatory door and the fox settled down on a piece of my laundry as if he was a dog getting ready for bed. I opened the outside door and had to insist that he leave but he was a bit reluctant.

This young fox has been a recent regular visitor and is usually timid although yesterday afternoon I was sat reading outside and he came and sat near me (near = 15 feet in this case). He has looked inside my conservatory before but never entered before now - I don't encourage him but do put out water.
I leave my conservatory door open in the warm weather and didn't close it till about 7pm but was in and out until then so I have no idea when he entered.
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Default Re: things that go bump in the night

Good job nothing living was in conservatory (cat, chickens, baby etc. ) otherwise outcome would have been much worse than a bit of washing strewn around. Do you know anyone with a rifle ?
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Default Re: things that go bump in the night

Nearly 60 years ago, in Surrey, our next door neighbour aged 90 seemed to be taking forever to mow his lawn.
When I asked him about it, he said there was a fox following him up and down the lawn and he didn't dare stop in case it attacked him.
With this and OP I wouldn't be surprised if they weren't released pets.
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Default Re: things that go bump in the night

Get a big dog it won't come near once it smells it.
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