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Default Re: Amuzing sights on the AR09 rideout

Originally Posted by Bear View Post
Then you would be guessing wrong young man...
Haha! It had to be one of you two Nice work then J
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Default Re: Amuzing sights on the AR09 rideout

Best bit had to be riding behind TSM as his left exhaust got closer... and closer... and closer to the ground.

Pulled over to fix it with a bungee, hooned off to find TEC and came round a corner to find TSM with the exhaust in his hand with a few more dents...

Fixed it more securely (Bungee cord AND cable ties) and then enjoyed Ricardo testing it's structural integrity with a number of beautifully executed monos* and catching air over the hump back bridge just before the last fuel stop...

*This clearly didn't happen and I'm making it up. TSM is a very sensible, courteous rider who helps old ladies across the road and does knitting...
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Default Re: Amuzing sights on the AR09 rideout

He came by me after you 2 had first fixed it and just as i thought "wow them boys are good" and waved him by me the extra beans he gave it made it come off again
The TL always sounded good, but with i can and one open pipe it sounded friggin brilliant
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Default Re: Amuzing sights on the AR09 rideout

Originally Posted by hovis View Post
dont ask how many reasons viper had to like it
Originally Posted by Kate Moss View Post
How many reasons does viper have to have liked it?
Originally Posted by phil24_7 View Post
160 Reasons allegedly!
Cheers guys, the wife has read this and i have had the bike keys taken away

it was no where near 160 reason to like that straight, it was only 158 reasons and now you have got me into trouble with all your exagerating !!!!
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Default Re: Amuzing sights on the AR09 rideout

i said dont ask
im running cardiff half marathon for velindre cancer centre
please sponsor me

Originally Posted by the white rabbit View Post
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