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Default Croatia to Italy (Ancona) ferry

I'm planning a tour to Croatia and back for 2019.

Initially, I was thinking of going as far as Rijecka in northern Croatia but the more I look at the geography of the area, the further I want to go so I'm looking at options.

As my desired return route will take me via Venice, Lake Garda Lake Konstance and then northward home I was initially going to drive the relatively short distance from Rijecka to Venice. However I am now thinking of pushing down to Dubrovnik. This gives me at least three options for a route back:

1. Ferry from Dubrovnik to Bari in Italy then drive up to Venice.
2. Drive back up to Split, get the ferry to Ancona and then drive to Venice
3. Go no further than Rijecka (or Split) and stick to plan A.

I'm favouring option 2 at present so my question is has anyone here any experience of the ferry from Split to Ancona? Obviously I've had a shufty at the websites for info/how to book, how to get there etc...but I was just wondering if there is anyone here had first hand experience of that particular area/ferry?
My reasoning for returning to Split for the ferry is that overall the retunr mileage would be less than getting the ferry to Bari and driving up, I would prefer to maximise time in Venice rather than on the road (I have already done the Pescara to Taranto bit before so although it's excellent I have already seen it).

Always happy to consider options, other people's experiences should never be underestimated...
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