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Default Pirelli Angel STs

Picking up my bike tomorrow. Got a set of Angel STs fitted. Will see how they fair over the coming months. Review to follow shortly
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Default Re: Pirelli Angel STs

are the angel's any good?
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Default Re: Pirelli Angel STs

Originally Posted by SUPERSTARDJ01 View Post
are the angel's any good?

I popped a set on end May/beginning June. My initial impressions were very positive. They tip in easily and have a nice round profile, so there's no 'drops' or 'flatnesses' in lean angle. They're quiet and comfortable, but not 'mushy'. And they offer excellent dry grip, the best I've encountered so far (compared to Avon Storm, Michelin PR2, Dunlop Roadsmart) - especially at the front, where I tend to be (perhaps overly?) sensitive to the tire washing out a bit under hard cornering loads. So that's all really good...

BUT: I wore the rear to the cord in only 8000kms. (mostly long, brisk, secondary highway 'sport-touring')

The front still looks to have at least half its life left, so I'm mounting a new rear only.

For comparison, I got 14,000kms to the cord on an Avon, 11,000kms thru the wearbars on the Roadsmart, and 9000kms thru the wearbars on the PR2 (all rears).

I didn't get any serious chance to ride in the wet, but a friend has a set on his VFR, and had a few rainy days on a recent trip to Oregon. He said they slipped a few times, and he's going back to PR2s. I'm liking the Angels better than the PR2s so far, but I'll have to ride 'em wet too, before I make up my mind which way to go...
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Default Re: Pirelli Angel STs

Originally Posted by doser View Post
BUT: I wore the rear to the cord in only 8000kms. (mostly long, brisk, secondary highway 'sport-touring')

I had a set of them fitted before my eurotour. 6000+ km later (3500+miles) and they still look strong.

I'll post more once I'm done with them.
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Default Re: Pirelli Angel STs

i'm looking at getting a set of these for the SV.. and thought they would be the best of the bunch for my daily commute and playing over the weekends.. bit bothered by Doser's post re the low mileage ..

Dyzio, whats your opinion on them?

and could anyone advise if i have to change the bridgestone front (still loads mileage in it) if i fit the Angel to rear?

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