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Default Re: What to do?

My 1999 curvy has more like 50k miles on it, and while it's reliable, the age is showing. I guess some of them are related to mileage though, for example the main connector started to burn out on the solenoid, where the main power wire feeds the rest of the bike. To be honest it's done well though ( and it's done a good few track days plus a few Euro trips, I've had it since less than 1 year old), and if you enjoy riding it then just look at fixing the leak (ease and cost depends on where it is coming from - don't just buy a new pump then see what the problem is, could be just a split hose, I had one of those). New bikes are an expensive luxury, but that's an individual choice.
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Red ones
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Default Re: What to do?

New bikes on finance don't have to be dealer serviced. So long as the maintenance is done by a VAT registered garage it will suffice.

I've always run round to a back street mechanic for servicing with exception of when they don't have the flashy tool yet.
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Default Re: What to do?

Keep the curvy and learn how to fix it. They're seriously robust bikes. I have one of the same age which is in daily use with 85,000 miles on the clock. It is dead reliable.
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Default Re: What to do?

Thanks for all the comments - I just took it for a decent length ride to the garage for them to take a look at - no more has visibly leaked, so I don't think it's as bad as it first appeared. I'll leave it for now and consider getting it fixed when the MOT is due.

For what it's worth, they said it was a 1-2 hour job for them. As much as I'd like to do all the maintenance, I'm going to leave this one to the experts.
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Default Re: What to do?

It's no uncommon for Water pump seals to leak a little when not used for a while and then seal again when they have got hot and had the coolant around them.It's happened many times on my Old CX500 forum/s.

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Default Re: What to do?

Nothing wrong with Gladius really if you can live with quirky styling, they handle well and are pretty much same engine as AL7 and I believe ABS was available as option.
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Default Re: What to do?

Got another vote here for fixing it, agreed new shiny bikes are pretty but the curvy SV takes a lot of beating Imo. Thanks for some of the amazing links on the pump, I learnt a lot.
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