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Default Pointy lowers *please help cuz im losin the plot*

Ok so after days n days of searching with no avail i am just going to have to ask, WHERE on gods green earth do i get these apparent *gold dust* items from?? Iv tried ebay and nothing, iv tried searching genuine parts and again nothing. i dont want anything fancy just the ones that everyone seems to have but where?

Lowers for a SV650S (SK5) in black

alternatives will be acceptable but none of this full race fairing malarky just the lowers cheers

GO GO GO search monkeys and find me a gem
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kwak zzr
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Default Re: Pointy lowers *please help cuz im losin the plot*

The alternatives in my opinion are not acceptable so go with genuine if you want the Suzuki look, just keep you money in ya pocket and scour ebay and eventually they will come up but bid generously.

have you seen a black sv with the OE belly pan on? i like that look better.
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Default Re: Pointy lowers *please help cuz im losin the plot*

agree with kwak. When i was after some once it took a few weeks b4 somone posted them up on ebay.

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Default Re: Pointy lowers *please help cuz im losin the plot*

I couldnt be bothered with getting patent or copy ones as they looked rubbish (as already mentioned).
I did search ebay and keep an eye open for them but finding ones in good condition in the right colour for a decent price was just a joke.
Most people with a second hand set will know they are a desireable item and seem to load the price for them.

I got genuine ones from a suzuki dealer after a bit of a haggle on the price.
Yes it is a more expensive way of getting them but they will be a perfect fit, the right colour and you know that all the bits will be there in perfect condition.
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