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Default Marking for AR08.

Marking for the event will be exactly the same as the AR07.

This will be the dedicated marker system. This system is being used for the following reasons.

1. Everyone will know who they should be looking for at each individual junction for directions.

2. Every marker will know the exact route of the ride.

3. Each marker will have the contact details of every other marker so in the event of something going wrong, each marker will be informed and know exactly what to do as this will have been rehearsed.

4. This will allow for a safer ride without individual people racing each other to have the privilege of being a marker.

5. Every marker will have a high visibility vest on so all riders will know to make room and allow a marker to progress through the pack more safely.

The markers have already been chosen. I am sorry if you wanted to be a marker and have not been asked. It's the same old thing of not being able to please everyone all of the time. Instead you can enjoy the ride more without the responsibility of ensuring everyone is safe and going in the right direction.

The markers will practise the route several times before the day of the ride and will also practise the emergency procedures.

If anyone has any questions in regards to the marker system being used or any questions in general on this topic, please feel free to contact me either by PM or by any of the other methods available.


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