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Default Re: ABS Defeat Switch

Ahhh but the releasing is its weakness as that is lost braking power so if youre a god you could brake continuously on the limit and get a better result, easy!
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Default Re: ABS Defeat Switch

"if you're a god"

Breaking News just in: No such thing...
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Default Re: ABS Defeat Switch

Let's assume he wants to take his SV onto a dirt road and do some turns by locking up the rear wheel, he really wanted to buy a BMW GS for this but couldn't afford it, his lucky lotto numbers didn't work so he's stuck with the SV.

Now that we've solved why he wants to do it, how about some constructive way of achieving disabling the ABS other than (my) suggestion in the second post.

If he's waiting for good advice here, I hope he's got a good book
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Default Re: ABS Defeat Switch

awwww I could give advice on how to ride like a god but not on ABS disabling.....
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Default Re: ABS Defeat Switch

Thank you Seeker for the provided link to It is the exact information for which I was seeking . Others have proven the viability of this approach. I’ll have at it.

Why do I want to disable ABS?


I'm sixty years old and have been riding since I was fourteen. I’ve had lots of accidents early on but fortunately none in the last hundred thousand miles. I've done many track days where I'm mid-pack in the intermediate group. I’m fairly competent at maximum braking. I've never raced.

I've owned over three dozen bikes including four SVs. I still have two - the '08 in question and an ‘00. I love the SVs. They are hugely fun to slam about and exceptionally well suited for around town, cut and thrust in traffic. The ergonomics of the "N" model are perfect for upright city riding. Of course, this is old news to all of you.

On my '00 SV, I've done many performance upgrades - CBR959RR front calipers, SVRacingParts caliper mounts, SS lines, RT emulators and RT springs, brazed closed rebound holes and enlarged compression holes in the damper rods, Ohlins shock, jetted, AKRAPOVIC Ti full exhaust system, Renthal bars etc. etc. I am a big fan of strong brakes. As you can imagine, the CBR calipers and SS lines create extraordinary front braking. I can stand it on its nose with one finger which is very satisfying and fun.

I bought the ’08 specifically for its ABS, dual spark and fuel injection. The petrol in the US is mixed with at least ten percent alcohol which raises hell with carburetors. The fuel injection is flawless and I consistently consume significantly less fuel than on the carbureted ’00. For the forks, I’ve installed Ricor Intiminators (in spite of the name) mostly to try something different than RT and to see if it'd be any better.

My conclusion is that the Intiminator setup is indeed a significant upgrade to the stock (under damped and under sprung) setup. They are more firm than stock in initial travel and well controlled in everyday riding. In fast, aggressive riding, they begin to feel a bit overwhelmed, allowing the suspension to move around more than I'd like, decreasing confidence. They remain a great choice for improved comfort and control in everyday road riding.

The Racetech setup is consistently firm and controlled as speed and aggressiveness increase. I can get very rowdy and still feel confident in the consistent response of the front suspension. They are a great choice for every day riding and, in my experience, the best choice for seriously aggressive riding.

But I digress.

ABS on the ’08 is primitive in execution compared to today’s best. It invokes itself well before traction is compromised. On bumpy roads, when the tire leaves the ground, the ABS releases braking, even if only for an instant, and when the tire rejoins the pavement and full braking is called for and expected there's none to be had. This I find very disconcerting.

When I bought the ’08 it had terrible, hard old Shinko tires. Bridgestone BT-023 tires were on sale and I bought a set (for 116. USD - such a deal I couldn’t pass up). They are fine tires. Good for everything except when maximum grip is required.

I am a strong advocate of ABS - generally. In city riding especially, ABS has the potential to save the day when the unexpected occurs, which it will, and when I’m not at maximum concentration, which sometimes I’m not. In contrast, there are times when I ride at full tilt with full concentration and wish to have maximum braking control right at the limit. Add in the mediocre traction of the BT-023s and the invocation of ABS is unfortunately frequent, intruding at precisely the wrong time also precluding the joy of lofting the rear wheel.

So, I do wish to have the option of disabling ABS function. Do I think I can out-brake the ABS on this bike? With full concentration, on a dry road, with perfect conditions, yes. Do I consider myself a motorcycle braking god? No, not in the least. Am I a bit of a hooligan, perhaps. Should I start acting my age? Very unlikely.

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Default Re: ABS Defeat Switch

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Default Re: ABS Defeat Switch

Interesting and reasoned.

Would be like to read a follow up once you make the changes and a guide of how you did this...
"A little enthusiastic?"

May I add here, GG is awesome and I think I am in love with Stretchie...he rocks my world!

SH2 | 2MA | GROM
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Default Re: ABS Defeat Switch

Nice reasoning OP, I get it.

Had similar problems with a modern GSXS1000 ABS I test rode. Never ridden ABS before so had to test it out, I was surprised how early it cut in, genuinely felt I could brake harder, or at least allow a little lock up for a smoother experience.

Had similar issues with the traction control, it just cut in too early. But that can be reduced or disabled at will, same as you want to do with the ABS!

I still say go for the fuses, I test rode a Busa with ABS, which had an active ABS recall on it. So they disabled the ABS for the test ride, by removing the fuses.
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