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Default Chinese parts.

I saw the following on another forum and thought it worthy of re-posting.

About a month ago, I posted that my son had slid off his Honda Blackbird after hitting a patch of, what looked like, hydraulic oil,

Sadly, the plastic on the bike was badly damaged on one side, and as the body work is not easy to find for a 1998 Blackbird, he decided to buy a full set from China for a fraction of the price of the Honda parts, (Which are apparently no longer available)

The parts all arrived yesterday, and today, he and his wife set to to fit it all. Firstly, the box contained every single part made of plastic. The build quality was excellent and the high gloss finish was excellent too. Fine points included having the decals set into the plastic and glossed over, rather than stick ons.

Some parts were a bit difficult to work out where they should go, but all in all, extremely pleased with the complete job.

Chinese parts are most certainly getting much better and worth looking at, as well as saving a small fortune
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Default Re: Chinese parts.

I wouldn't argue with what you're saying generally but it still can be a game of chance whether you get a "good" one. I try and avoid Chinese products on ethical grounds rather than product quality. Have you been following the recent Uighur cleansing, Blizzard software and NBA issues plus they have just succeeded in making Apple drop the Taiwanese flag emoji. They are definitely starting to reshape the world and they have long memories which doesn't bode well for the UK.
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Default Re: Chinese parts.

I also avoid Chinese products as much as possible ( you often buy brand name goods from UK or Germany etc. only to find 'made in China' in small print on the article ), the world, led by global companies setting up production in China to make a few more bucks profit created a monster that is flexing its muscles - the only upside is that China has a worse demographic problem than the west in terms of its ageing population - but that may only add more urgency to its quest to challenge USA as the major world power sooner rather than later. The only way at the moment to reel China back in is to hit its trade / economy.
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