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Default What I learned at AR12

It's always an education. I now know...

Never to make a bet on the weather, it'll come back to bite you on the arše.

Think carefully before inviting your mother to an AR, she said she had a great time though.

Dave Preston looks great in a sparkly bikini, but only when wearing it on his head.

Burgers make you fart - according to Ricardo.

Sally can advise you how to tie someone up.

Stenno has some hot tattoos.

GSXRs have a side stand, but using it when parking is optional.

Treacle has never closely examined a badgers bum to see how rough it is, but suspected it wasn't as rough as he felt this morning.

Verna looks superb with a pussy on her head.

That lots of you would like to return to Essex for another event next year, not an AR, more an early summer get together.

If you want it, we'll do it.

So what did you learn this weekend?
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Default Re: What I learned at AR12

I found out if i use my card more than 3 times in a pay at pump it wont work till the next day.(handy as the Volvo need filling up)
Oh and every one learnt a bit about The village near the barns, which claims
England's largest village hall. lol
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Default Re: What I learned at AR12

Crayola Costumes do come in XXXL

Triumph riders aren't all that bad...

Essex is not all blonde bimbo's

Asda 12 tents are rubbish, and I'm too fat for the 4 camping chair...which I broke the second time I sat on it...
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Default Re: What I learned at AR12

LPH doesn't have a small green head & makes great cakes
Paul the 6th isn't Royalty
Fallout thankfully doesn't
Spank, well i wasn't sure if i wanted to find out . . . .

The Org really are, if not more, as friendly as they appear and drink a lot more than they say

AR13 is a must

Thanks to all those that organised the weekend

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Default Re: What I learned at AR12

SV handles well in mud

All weather reports are rubbish.

LPH keeps her words!
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Default Re: What I learned at AR12

That gravity does indeed well very well, espically when one passes the point of no return!
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Paul the 6th
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Default Re: What I learned at AR12

christopher - is a playa...
suzukigt380paul - has amazing eyebrows
Supervox family - are one of the most interesting families on the planet
Idle B@stard - the guy cracks me up "no laurie we've got to ride tomorrow, we're not having any more beer" laurie = "well we'll just have this bottle of red then"
Soulkiss - like a good common house wine - fruity & 5.99
Littlepeahead - teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini
Bluefish - shows his disapproval of being overtaken in a 40 limit, by overtaking you asap
Treacle the marker - thanks for letting me past, here's a backfire as a treat
bbadger - gangsta lean yo
Sid Squid - A SCOOTER?
keith_d - d'ya want some of this beef jerky? ARGH!
The prestons - dave sleeps like a giant man baby and gemma has endless patience
Devil Biccy - awesome at reversing caravans
FG1 - is he a southernised northerner or a nothernised southerner?
Hong - "I'm not crashing or falling off as much as I used to"
Chrissy-Wissy8886 - where are my batteries?? You f**kers!
SV Mad - the sweetest most sincere guy ever
Rictus - "I asked the young girl on the ice cream counter to give me the kiss of life - I didn't tell her I breathe though my c**k"
Stenno - basically fell out of GQ magazine.. super cool
Stenno's +1 - ride's like the devil! A+++
Spiderman - literally the coolest man on the planet
BBC - Still beautiful and crackers in equal measure - LUPO GTI JOYRIDE LESSONS AWESOMENESS
Criggers - bromance number 1.
Daddyjob - lurking and waiting with something funny to say
Anna - "we only have one wheelie bin for all of the 12 people in our apartment, but it gets emptied every day" - such a colourful character
PyroUK - Can I sleep in your van with you?
Fallout - bromance number 2
Spank86 - just an all round nice guy
Messie - she can really handle it.... didn't think bandit 1200's could do those kind of things
Metalmonkey - LMFAO.

So yeah... that's about it I reckon. To anyone who I didn't get to talk to properly - sorry, come and find me next year. Or just avoid me again
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Default Re: What I learned at AR12

I learnt not to trust daddy jobs navigational ability unless you'd prefer finding an adventure rather than a route to where you want to go... So he'll be leading every local ride out from now on.

I also learnt that the lot of you are the friendliest, most welcoming people I'm ever likely to meet and that I definitely need knee sliders and lots of riding practice before AR13!
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Default Re: What I learned at AR12

I learnt the following indisputable facts:

Badger! Top lad. I posted something completely different here before, but SuperVox had to edit it out. I wonder if anyone can guess what I mentioned?! Either way, awesome bloke!

SVMad. Such a shame this dude is leaving the country for three years, because he is a top lad with a good sense of humour and a most importantly of all, a loose wallet. I can't imagine how much money I will waste over the next 3 ARs without him around to offer me drinks every 5 minutes. Maybe write me an IOU Chris?!?

PyroUK. Another quality gent. Doesn't know the difference between a broken clutch and a poorly adjusted one (don't worry, neither do I). Can go toe to toe with me on food consumption and win! T-bone next time dude? 2 each!!

Criggers. Despite being only 3 or 4 years old, a thoroughly awesome bloke. A few fun bits of lunacy had on the ride out and I'm sure there will be more to come, especially if we can get you down to the guildford massive rideouts. Still owes me two fags!! His helmet looks good in Daddyjobs trolley.

Paul the 6th. My new best friend perhaps? My only fear is that he won't reciprocate my love ... so I'm holding back before I let the emotion out. I think he's perhaps too popular to love just one man, so I may have to kill everyone else in the whole world. Likes to dress up like a Klu Klux Krayon. Needs to service his van.

Messi. I thought you were a man on the forum (who knows why!), turns out you're a lovely lady. I only exchanged a few words with you, but I can tell you're a top lady. Looking forward to chatting more next AR.

SoulKiss. Now I get him! After a few bits of banter on the forum, it all makes sense when I talk to him in person. One of those personalities that is too complex to be portrayed by the medium of text. Good bloke!

SuperVox. Top bloke. Sound and chilled out despite the effort required to get things organised and keep it all running. Thanks for organising it and we all had fun fighting with your nippers!

Pah. Met loads of other good people. Too many to list and comment on. Everyone made it an awesome experience and looking forward to more in AR13.
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Default Re: What I learned at AR12

Errrm, the thread title is "What I learned at AR12", not "Please blow sunshine up the rrssss of everyone you met at AR12"

Glad you all had a good time.
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