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Default new bike thoughts

So I am getting to the point where the little GSXR is well past its sell buy. even if it sailed through its mot last month.

I am looking, new gixers are silly money and TBH I don't need that performance. So looking at the Z1000sx. please convince me that this is not a bike that ticks my old man boxes.

easy to ride all day, Enough ponys to make me smile, So what is wrong with it?
Not Grumpy, opinionated.
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Default Re: new bike thoughts

It's a decent all around bike, nothing bad to say but you ought to test ride one for more than hour.

I found the GSXS1000F more comfy over time with better rider position for me and also more fun to ride thanks to the engine...but it lacks some of practicality of the Z and it's nicely designed panniers.

Give both bikes a lengthy test ride on the same day if you can I'd say...

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Default Re: new bike thoughts

What's wrong with a Z1000sx?

There's far more fun to be had riding a slow bike fast than a fast bike slow.
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Default Re: new bike thoughts

Swaffle has one and he's most happy. I rode it from Cornhill on Tweed home to Cramlington and really enjoyed it.
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Default Re: new bike thoughts

but the bike you have at the moment is just an ornament anyway so why buy a nice new much more expensive ornament.

how may miles have you done in the past 5 years let alone last year.
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