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Default SP Engineering Demon GP Stubby

Fitted a new can to my K5.

Came from SP Engineering.
I'm running it with the baffle in as without, it's extremely loud !!

I also took the OE can apart, retrieved the catalytic convertor, removed it from it's housing, then inserted it into the link pipe just before the new can, so I can at least pretend I'm trying to save trees or people or something.

Quick video of the sound, revved up to around 5k....sorry about angles, I was just walking about with my phone camera.

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Default Re: SP Engineering Demon GP Stubby

Ok...seeing as this is a review section, I've now done nearly 5000 miles on the SP Engineering stubby.

Did about a 1000 with the baffle in, then I couldn't help my self and had to take it out to unleash the noise !!

I did about 4000 miles with the baffle out........

What I'd say about this exhaust:
It was doddle to fit and I had no problems lining everything up.
With the db killer out, the bike takes on a demonic howl when past 7000rpm and hooning it, which I love.
The downside is that in town, it's just far too loud. It just has a thunderous drone at low revs. I had convinced myself that I needed all this noise though.
Another thing I noticed is that the idle would be a bit erratic. Sometimes it'd idle at ~1250rpm, but most of the time, it'd drop to around 1100 and sound a bit lumpy, like I was running wild cams. I couldn't remember if this coincided with taking the baffle out, so I just stuck with it.

But after 4000 miles of it, I've put the baffle back in.
It's lost it's booming thunderous drone at low revs, but also, as you'll guess, lost it's high rev screaming and fizzing. I was finding that I was riding to keep the noise in the "cool zone" rather than let the revs drop. It's also muted the constant pops and bangs on overrun. I miss them. It now just has a subdued burble which is more 3rd party friendly. It has a more friendly snarl now, rather than an enormous booming.
Also, the idle is now back rock solid at 1250rpm and the bike does feel noticeably smoother at the low end. I'm sure there is less vibration at high revs too.

My butt dyno proves that the bike is also a bit quicker. I'd say it's most likely not quicker, but the smoothness gives that impression. It's definitely no slower through the revs with the baffle in.

For 120 delivered including db killer and link pipe, it's one of the cheaper cans out there.
With the db killer in, on my bike at least, it appears to prefer it.

I now wonder if any other aftermarket stubbys have the same running differences with the baffle in and out ?

Oh...the baffle was obviously keeping the cat convertor in it's position in the link pipe. Must be due to pressures etc. Within 5 miles without the baffle, I noticed the cat was moving up through the exhaust. Think I fired it out on the M8 the next time I was out !!

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Default Re: SP Engineering Demon GP Stubby

i also have an sp can fitted and i agree with every comment you have made. the db fitted without doubt smooths things out but still has a nice roar when you open it up.
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