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Default Re: Gripe of the day - What is yours?

Originally Posted by DarrenSV650S View Post
I phoned TSB to tell them I needed a mortgage payment holiday because I was made redundant. They told me I can't apply for a holiday unless I have a start date for my next job. I phoned them today to apply again now that I have a job and they said I can't apply for a payment holiday because I missed the payment and am now in arrears. Even though when I spoke to them the first time they advised me to cancel my direct debit and pay 5 towards my mortgage, which I did.

WTF is the point in even trying with these pr*cks
Had almost the same problem with my mortgage (Halifax) and mobile (orange) when I was redundant in 2004, however it was longer and so costlier.
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Default Re: Gripe of the day - What is yours?

Originally Posted by SV650rules View Post
For banks to give you a loan you have to prove you have enough money not to need it. A bank will give you an umbrella when Sun is shining but if it starts to rain they ask for it back....

Mine has just pointed out that I haven't paid much in recently so have asked I pay at 768 in the next couple of weeks or if i can't afford that they'll remove my overdraft facility and demand 2200 back in one go!!! This is due to their "policy of being a responsible lender" !!?

How does that work then exactly? Can't afford to pay in much so we'll ask you to pay in more, and even more if you can't afford the first amount!?
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