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Default Curvy Carbs - Choke plunger O ring size.


Once I recovered from the shock of paying for two genuine Suzuki Ochoke plunger O rings (£5.50 each before VAT!), I whipped out my electronic calipers and measured them up at :
OD = 12.5 mm
ID = 9.5
Thickness = 1.5

Given that Polymax sell Viton ones of this size at 0.38p before VAT does anyone know a reason why the Suzuki ones would be better?

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Default Re: Curvy Carbs - Choke plunger O ring size.

suzuki ones are no better that others in the fact that if you buy the suzuki ones they are within spec. now the big problem with buying other ones is that they might not be fully round, exactly the correct size and made from inferior materials. however if you buy them from a reputable company and ask them to had sort (extra cost) you will get the perfect ones. this is also true of calliper and fork seals.

material can make a difference in critical components as to "crush" tolerance etc.etc but we are talking rocket science and medical equipment etc.etc.

as long as the oring forms a proper seal and is impervious to petrochemical then all is good.

marksman industrial and simply bearing are a good cheep source of bearings and seals.

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Default Re: Curvy Carbs - Choke plunger O ring size.

As Biblio says.So long as they seal go for it.I've used O-rings from cheap ebay kits on engines/carbs and even cooling pipes and so long as they fit they have never given a problem even with cheaper butyl/nitrile ones and Viton® are above their specs.
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